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martes, 30 de junio de 2015

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Hope you are fine. It's just a quick catch up email to find out if there i=
s any opportunity for us to get involved in any of the projects. I am Busi=
ness Development Manager (IT outsourcing) at Silver Touch. We are fastest =
growing Indian Software Development Company with more than 18 years of ind=
ustry experience.

I am interested in establishing long term business relationship and a smal=
l opportunity initially would help you gain confidence in our services. I =
would appreciate if you can suggest a suitable time to schedule a call and=
take the discussion further.


Our Company (http://www.silvertouch.com/collaboration-services/enterprise-=

=810=891SEI CMMi Level 5 Organization.

=810=891ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards.

=810=891ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security.

=810=891Have completed more than 2000+ offshore software development proje=

=810=891Successful track record of 100% offshore projects delivery.

=810=891Offshore Development Center at India with strength of more than 70=
0 developers.

=810=891Partners with Oracle, Linux, Java, SAP, IBM & Red Hat.

=810=891Experience working with all Industries: Finance, Retail, Governmen=
t, Manufacturing, Legal, Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, etc.


Also you can download case study and white papers from: http://www.silvert=
ouch.com/case-studies/casestudylist.html =

What we can do for you:

Silver touch=A1=AFs highly skilled & experienced team is offering Offshore=
Development Services in the following areas:

=810=891Software Development services in Microsoft .NET, Java, Linux

=810=891Custom Internet Solutions, e-Commerce and CMS

=810=891Website Design & Development, Portals & Multimedia Services

=810=891Legacy Application Re-engineering, Software Porting and Migration =

=810=891Software Product Development and Maintenance Services.

=810=891Mobile Application Development.

=810=891Web Application Development.

=810=891Product Development.

=810=891SEO & SEM.

Our Offshore Engagement Model:

=810=891Hourly basis (T&M): This is the most preferred method where hourly=
rates are most desirable for the small projects or where the specificatio=
ns clearly indicate the working hours required for the project.

=810=891Project basis: If you have the clear specification and ready RFP d=
ocument, we offer very attractive rates for execution of entire project. W=
e provide web based transparent project management interface on the projec=

=810=891Managed Facility: Silver Touch extends Contract basis manpower to =
Offshore Development Centre (ODC) for your organization. Customer can hire=
1 person to 10 persons simultaneously as per the requirements ranging fro=
m 3 months to 1 year. We offer very attractive rates for longer period of =
Contract. We provide various levels of skill set ranging from Microsoft .N=
ET, Java, Embedded / Mobile technology, LAMP. Resources are from 2 years t=
o 10+ years of experience in Software Development in cutting edge technolo=

We can assist you in establishing your own Offshore Development Center (OD=
C), build on Operate Transfer model.

To know more about our capability, please visit: http://www.silvertouch.co=

Kindly email or call me to discuss further.

Best regards,

Ankit Desai, Sr. BDM =

Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. =

(A CMMi Level 5 Company)

E: ankit_desai@silvertouch.com

Direct: +1 201 299 3668

Office: +91-79-26563158 ext 419

Mobile: +91-982 549 9819

Skype: ankit_semaphore

www.silvertouch.com | www.semaphore-software.com

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